Information On Careers As An Alberta Appraiser

Appraiser as a career.

Salary: $any - $137K
Description of salary:
Earnings vary depending on the experience, qualifications and hours worked by the appraiser. Please see the government profile for the appraisal profession.

Education of an Appraiser.

Degree: Yes

Description of Appraiser Education:
Real estate appraisers in the Appraisal Institute of Canada require an undergraduate degree to be considered for a designation. All appraisers must also complete a series of courses, tests and reports through the University of British Columbia.

Appraiser Designations

AACI and CRA Description of Designations:
The Appraisal Institute of Canada grants the use of two Designations. The CRA - Certified Residential Appraiser identifies members qualified to do residential appraisals and the AACI -Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute identifies members fully accredited to appraise a wide variety of property.


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